I'm Neezie, I have one spectacular son and a very supportive husband.
I raise chickens, have two pugs and make pecans.​
Ten years ago someone dear to me introduced me to candied pecans.  I fell in love with the buttery flavor of the pecan with the sweetness of pure Vermont Maple Syrup and salt. Along with some pure vanilla and cinnamon it was the perfect combo. I then played around with all of the ingredients and made the most delicious batch of candied pecans. 
I made many batches for our wedding as party favors and have continued throughout the years making them as Christmas goodies. I share them with many people that I appreciate.  From my family and friends, to the teachers at my sons school, to the local post office and other local businesses that I frequent often.
Selling my pecans is something that my husband and I have been talking about doing for some time.  Now we are making that dream come true.  We do the whole operation out of our home kitchen with the help of our seven year old son.
I am pleased to be able to offer my pecans to more than just people in my little world.